Smudging - What it is and How to Do it

Smudging - What it is and How to Do it


Smudging is a technique used by indigenous cultures throughout the world. Traditionally, smudging rituals and ceremonies are conducted for house blessings, spiritual cleansing, and purification. The smoke of herbs, resins, Palo Santo wood, and incense are believed to cleanse the space, body, and aura, to drive out negative energy, and also provide healing benefits. 

As a Native American, and an Earth sign, this is way that I feel I connect. 


First, open a door or window. This offers a place for the negative energy that you are clearing out of your space to go. 

Set an intention. A simple "in Light & Love, I cleanse this space" will do. Don't overcomplicate it. 

Light the Sage or Palo Santo and allow it to burn for 20-30 seconds before
blowing it out. 

Then, move around your space, allowing the smoke to drift.

Some people hold the sage in their hand and use a feather to move the smoke further into the room. Personally, I just wave the sage all over the place.

I move around my space in a circle, relighting as necessary, and ending back at the open door or window. 


You can also smudge, or cleanse, items and auras instead of spaces. 

The process is the same, but if you are cleansing an item, you will run that item through the smoke. 

If you are cleansing an aura, you will use the smoke close to your body (or the close to the person you are cleansing). Do the front of the body first, then the back. 

If you are just starting out with a smudging practice, don't get too caught up in the instructions. Just do what feels best for you.

All of the information I am providing is what feels best for me and how I incorporate smudging practices into my life. 

It should go without saying, but please do not leave burning sage or Palo Santo, or other herbs, unattended. 

If you have Asthma, respiratory issues, or just don't like being around smoke, you can also use essential oils to smudge. 

If you are interested in starting a smudging practice of your own, you may be interested in my Cleansing Bundles or Cleanse Spray. 

Reach out if you have any questions.
Love, Light, & Hugs,
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