Hi, I'm Tishey!

I've been creating my whole life but I never thought that I was an artist until I started to expand my definition of art. I love making gifts for friends and family and this shop was born because a good friend encouraged me that more people needed access to my talents.

Part of my personality is a deep need to create and it doesn’t matter if it’s jewelry, painting, gardening, or redecorating the house.

My first products for sale were essential oil Chakra sprays and initially I thought my whole business would be aromatherapy. I started making bracelets to go with the sprays, so that you could carry the energy with you, and that's where I really found what lights me up inside. 

Once I realized how powerful the gifts of the earth really are, I never looked back. I am passionate about crystals and essential oils and using them to live a more intentional life. I love to create rituals and crystals are just one of the modalities (definitely the main way!) that I use. 

I love having a house full of crystals but they aren't easy to take with you. I mostly create crystal bracelets because I think wearing crystals on your wrist is a pretty good way to make sure you have them with you all the time! 

I love energy work and I am a certified Reiki Master and I always clear & charge everything that I make so that you receive the highest energy of what you seek.

Thank you for being here.

Love, Light, & Hugs,