How I Got Started

How I Got Started

I've loved crystals and jewelry since I was little. I had a rock collection that I carried around with me in a doll case in elementary school. I've always been drawn to the jewelry in a store. And we've always had crystals around the house. 


But it was a particularly rough period several years ago, when our entire life was being uprooted, that I started using crystals very intentionally and creating rituals. I started putting stones in specific places around the house. I learned about crystal grids. I started spending a lot of time in crystal shops. I began to use my jewelry as a way to connect with my feelings and intentions. 


Once I realized how powerful the gifts of the earth really are, I never looked back.


To be honest, I never really intended to have a business. But with the encouragement of a friend, I started sharing things I loved and was passionate about and my business just started. It was exactly what I never knew I wanted.  


My first products for sale were essential oil Chakra sprays and initially I thought my whole business could be aromatherapy. As a way to change things up, I started making bracelets to go with the sprays, so that you could carry the energy with you, and that's where I really found what lights me up inside. 


And it's not just that I found passion in making jewelry...I found passion in Reiki, in educating, in inspiring others to be more intentional. 


I enjoy learning new jewelry techniques and making different styles of jewelry. But I always come back to the stretch bracelet. I love its simplicity. And I love that single stone bracelets can be incorporated into your routines and rituals so easily (while still looking beautiful on your arm). 

Love, Light, & Hugs,


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