How to Choose Your Crystal

How to Choose Your Crystal

You're ready to buy a crystal but you aren't really sure where to begin. I've been there.  Whether it's a piece of jewelry, a small stone to carry with you, or a large display piece, how does it make you feel? That should be the number 1 reason you buy a crystal.

Some people are guided by color while others are guided by an emotion (usually an emotion that they want to work on - like feeling more calm).

When you're shopping online, you can read the properties of the stones and let them help you. If you are shopping in person, take a moment to hold the crystal and see if you have a physical response to it. 

I love watching what people are drawn to and what they pass by. When I have all my jewelry on display at a pop-up, I don’t have the meanings out so people are just drawn to certain ones. When I give them the card of what crystal they picked, you see that they resonate with the meaning and they understand why they were drawn to it.


Look for these signs...

Does your hand get warm?
Does your heart beat faster?
Do you feel an overall sense of calm?
Does it make you smile?
Does your gut give you an immediate YES when you see it or touch it?

Let your intuition guide you and you can’t go wrong.

Love, Light, & Hugs, 

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