Traits, Affirmations, & Best Crystals for Leo Babes

Traits, Affirmations, & Best Crystals for Leo Babes

Leo season runs July 21 to August 19. 

Symbol: Lion
Element: Fire

Traits of a Leo...

You enjoy doing nice things for others to make them feel loved
You have a vibrant personality and inspire others
You may have a tendency to be opinionated and set in your ways
You are a natural born leader and complete projects with ease

Affirmations for Leo...

"I am confident in who I am"
"My loyalty is my strength"
"I know how to play and enjoy myself"

Best crystals for Leo...

Carnelian to awaken creativity and encourage motivation
Black Tourmaline to keep you safe while you try to conquer the world
Amber to balance your emotions and filter out negative thoughts
Peridot for more compassion and empathy towards others


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